Sommarläger 22-25 juli 2004/
Summercamp 22-25 July 2004

Precis som i fjol var vi under fyra dagar på Vildmarkscentret i Nederhögen. Här är vi nästan alla samlade./
Like last year we where at the Wild Camp in Nederhögen for four days. Here we are almost all of us.

Lite aktiviteter i skogen... / Some activities in the forest…

Is everybody ready for a drive to the forest for train?
Meet MyOwn Maple Arrow "Lotus" 6 month

is definitive ready for a drive!
Meet MyOwn Maple Mist "Misty" 6 month

and Martina is now ready for tracking…

And here she has found her toy!

Meet MyOwn Charmander "Zacki"
...has found the stick in the track...

...and here he nicley deliver it to Eva...

and wait for reward...
LPI LPII Meet MyOwn First Class "Toffer"

...concentrate on tracking
Meet MyOwn Queen Of Nigth "Nova"

before her track...

...and that was weary... also Teresia is tierd... ;o)
LPI Meet MyOwn Maple Heart "Heart"

6 month and Teresia found the stick in tracking
Meet MyOwn Oddish

is ready for his turn...
Me and SUCH KORAD Skogstrollets 2 Tempo Taifun "Flizan" SphIII

...on our way to things searching.
Meet MyOwn Charmander "Zacki"

...and Eva get some search instructions from our Bertil
NORDUV-02 Meet MyOwn Seadra SphI
Read the news!
SUCH KORAD Skogstrollets 2 Tempo Taifun "Flizan" SphIII
Read what we have done!
Meet MyOwn Maple Mist "Misty" 6 month

Meet MyOwn Maple Mansion "Rowdy" 6 month


LPI LPII Meet MyOwn First Class "Toffer"



Meet MyOwn Maple Fire "Flamman" 6 month


Lite foton från aktiviteterna på Appellplanen... / Some pictures from the activities from the training field…

Med bestämda steg... den yngsta lägerdeltagaren... Minja 4 år här tillsammans med Flizan... /
With decided step… camps youngest participant… Minja 4 year here together with "Flizan"…

...och med tungan mitt i mun går det riktigt bra... /
…and with her tong in the middle of her mouth it turned out real good…

Är det så här hon skall stå? Snyggt eller hur? /

Is this the way she should stand? Nice isn't it?

Cilla is holding Meet MyOwn Oddish and Charlotta are showing him all the toys and candy, just to see in witch order Oddish chooses… hmm Oddish loves his "mum" so the choice was simple for him!

The choice for Flizan was also simple.. She loves candy, balls and to play… Maja is sitting and wait… : o)

…hmmm and me also… Seadra would like to see all the other things before me… :o)

Here you have a boy who prefers his Christian before the other things! Meet MyOwn Maple Arrow "Lotus"

Maja is "play leader", here she instructs Martina and "Misty" what they are going to do… we will see if they manage…

Here they should go slalom threw the marks with meatballs on.. I can tell you that, it was not all of them who listening to their owners and let the meatballs bee…

Something is hidden under the bowl… "Lotus" find out…

Niina is showing us that "Kody" can let it bee…

Dick and "Crazy" six month under nice heal walk…

…and then time for some play…

Dick "our own cook" makes great dinner to all of us on Saturday evening. Yummy!!

And here is almost everyone occupied by Dick's great food!

Fyra ur Pokémonkullen / Four from Pokémonlitter
Eva & "Zacki", Annika & Seadra, Fredde & "Indi", Charlotta & Oddish, Maja och mamma Flizan

Tre ur Cocktailkullen/ Three from Cocktail litter,
Liv Ellinor & Heidi & "Aron", Ann-Chatrine & "Winna", Maja & mamma Flizan, Niina & "Kody"

Tre ur Tulpankullen/ Three from Tulip litter,
Teresia & "Nova", Heidi & "Toffer", Maja & mum "Flizan", Marie & "Kira"

Sex ur Maple Leaf kullen/ Six from Maple Leaf litter,
Iréne & "Flamman", Bertil & "Rowdy", Christian & "Lotus" ,Teresia & "Heart", Annika and mum "Seadra", Martina & "Misty", Dick & "Crazy, Maja and grandma "Flizan"

Ni är toppen!!! / You are great!!

Ett stort tack till alla ni valpköpare som gjorde dessa lägerdagar så fantastiska!! Vilket gäng! En "långweekend" där vi som vanligt hunnit med en massa saker men tiden går ändå så fort så fort… Fullspäckade dagar med spår, sök och uppletande på förmiddagarna och lydnad på eftermiddagarna.
De allra flesta var också med på träningstävlingar där vi fick tips av Bertil och Iréne vad vi ska tänka på när vi kliver in på Appellplanen. Tack Bertil och Iréne!
Vi hann även med "skojtävlingar" och en massa massa "hundprat", grillning och precist som i fjol ett strålande väder.

Ett extra STORT tack vill jag rikta till Cilla Lilja som jag fick förmånen att "få hit" då hon fick göra sin praktik här under kennellägret till sin utbildning som IMMI Instruktör!! Helt toppen Cilla!!! Du gav oss alla små nya tips som vi fick ta med oss hem!!
STORT tack också till Dick som stod för maten till oss alla på lördag kväll, det gjorde att vi kunde hålla ut extra länge på eftermiddagen!
Tack än en gång alla!! Foton kommer så fort jag hunnit med att redigera alla hundratals bilder som togs under dessa dagar!! /

Huge thanks to all you "puppy buyers" who did these camp days so amazing!! What a gang! A "long weekend" where we as usual did lots of things, but the time flies… The days where full with tracking, searching, things searching at the forenoons and obedience at the afternoons.
Most of us also train competed and did get a lots of tips from Bertil and Iréne what we should think about when we put our steps at the trial area. Thanks Bertil and Iréne! We also had time for some "fun trials" a lot of dog talk, grilling and as last year a shiny weather.
I want to send an extra BIG thanks to Cilla Lilja who did her practice at my kennel camp in her education towards her IMMI Instructor title. So great Cilla!! You gave us lots of new tips that we could take with us home!!
BIG thanks also to Dick who cooked the food for all of us at Saturday evening, then we could train even more this afternoon!
Thanks again all!! Photos coming as fast as I have redaction all hundreds of pictures who was taken these days!!